Help, I can't login!

Hey STEM Villager!

Friendly Reminder: 

Our "Username" and "Passwords" fields are both case-sensitive. Before continuing, check that your Caps-Lock is turned off before entering your username and password.


If you are a student:

  • If you forgot your "Username," ask your parent to help you remember it again!
  • If you forgot your "Password," you can use the "FORGOT PASSWORD" link underneath the sign-in button. We will send your parent a password-reset email.


If you are a Parent or a Teacher:

  • If you forgot your "Password," please use the "FORGOT PASSWORD" link, and an email will be sent to you with reset instructions
  • Your "Username" is the email address that you used for registration. This email address is your unique identifier and cannot be changed or reset at this time


Happy Learning!

Your STEM Village Support Staff